Welcome to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, where we are dedicated to creating a meaningful impact by driving positive change within our society. At Super Plastronics Private Limited, we uphold a strong commitment to CSR practices centered around capacity building, skill development, training, and fostering employment opportunities. Additionally, we actively promote healthcare initiatives, focusing on preventive healthcare and sanitation, as well as advancing education and contributing to poverty alleviation efforts.

Our Focus Areas are:

Capacity building, Skill development, Training, and Employment generation

At Super Plastronics Private Limited, we believe in empowering individuals through collaboration with the Be Kind organisation. Our primary focus is on enhancing capacities, developing skills, providing training, and generating employment opportunities. We organise various training programs, and create paths for employment in several sectors. Through initiatives like establishing education programs in slum areas and providing skill development projects for women, we aim to unlock numerous employment opportunities. We firmly believe that skill development opens doors to a wide range of employment prospects, thereby contributing to overall community development and prosperity.

Promoting healthcare, including preventive Healthcare and Sanitation

We are dedicated to promoting healthcare, including preventive healthcare and sanitation. Through Collaboration with healthcare providers and NGOs like Be Kind, we conduct health awareness programs, distribute free medicines, and support initiatives aimed at improving sanitation facilities in underserved communities. The free health and eye check-up camps conducted across Delhi NCR and Uttrakhand, along with the distribution of free medicines and eye care kits, are crucial steps towards promoting healthcare in underserved communities.

Promoting Education and Poverty Alleviation

Collaborating closely with Mata Gujri Educational Society, we are committed to promoting education and alleviating poverty in communities. Our initiatives encompass establishing education and essential needs programs in slum areas. We aim to help women, men, and children by providing skill-building projects that meet their educational needs. Through offering job opportunities, education, and training, we work towards lifting individuals and families out of poverty.

We truly believe that education is the key to moving forward. By giving people the tools and knowledge they need, we can help break the cycle of poverty and create a better future for everyone.

CSR Constitution

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee comprises the following Members:

  • Amarjeet Singh : Chairman, Managing Director
  • Amandeep Marwah : Member, Director
  • Avneet Singh : Member, Director