1. SPPL will provide the warranty service for your LED panel when there are:
    A. Over 3 Bright dots or 6 Black dot or 8 mixed bright and black dots in total, or
    B. 2 adjacent bright dots or 2 adjacent black dots or
    C. 3 bright and/or black dots within an area of 1/8 potion of LED screen.
    SPPL will, at its own discretion, repair or replace the defective product in accordance with the above- mentioned standard warranty provisions.
    What is a bright dot or a black dot?
    A. A bright dot is a white sub-pixel that is always on and can be of any colour except black colour

In case of intermittent lines or momentary flickering, there might be an issue with the electricity connection or a flash second of LED taking to restart. This is not an issue with the LED and does not hamper TV viewing experience. SPPL will at its own discretion provide warranty service on such sets.

  1. LED Tv’s are incredibly delicate, specially sizes of 50 inches and above. Slightest of mishandling can cause such sets to be damaged internally and may not appear so on the face of it. SPPL decision in this regard will be final and no service engineer is authorized to commit to a replacement from our end. Only, and if required, after assessing service reports provided, SPPL will decide if warranty service is to be provided on such panels.
  2. The Warranty does not Cover Any Dust and black patches appearing on television panel after 10 days of usage.